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About the Site

What to expect from our site

Our goal for this website is to answer the easy questions about your plan and benefits, the System, and the Agency, and to provide you with the appropriate contacts for the harder questions. We also provide basic Downloads like forms, and resources like benefit estimators and worksheets.

Functionality and Accessibility

We've put a lot of work into making the site usable across many different operating systems and browsers. Although the appearance of the site may change slightly from one computer to another, the basic features should work. Also, all content should be accessible and comprehensible to people with vision or motor impairments or disabilities.

If this is not the case, please let us know.

More technical stuff

The site supports W3C standards-compliant browsers and is fully-functional in plain-text mode and with no styling.

We validate to XHTML 1.0 transitional and CSS3 (functionally degrading to CSS2). We target a minimum full-screen resolution of 800x600, but recommend 1024x768 or a little higher.

Non-standards-compliant, or outdated or extinct browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6 and below, early versions of Netscape or AOL) may render the site poorly. If this is the case for you, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your browser if possible. If upgrading isn't possible for you then you may find the site more usable in plain-text mode; check your browser options for a means to disable 'CSS' or 'style sheets'.

A caveat

You can expect information on the site to be kept reasonably accurate and current, but not necessarily complete. The site is intended as a quick reference, not a comprehensive library.

Pension systems are quite complex. There are so many possible scenarios for an individual participant that it simply isn't possible to fully explain anyone's particular situation; this is not our intent, and you should not consider the website the final authority in any matter.

No information here is a substitute for, or an equivalent to, a conversation with a benefits specialist. When in doubt, and when it really counts, call or write us.