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The Agency and the System

The Agency

The Agency is short for 'The Maryland State Retirement Agency'. It refers to the people who carry out the daily affairs involved in meeting the goals of the System.

The folks who answer questions on the phone, the computer staff who manage data and communications, the investments team who keep the System's funds strong… all these are Agency personnel. The Agency is headed by its Executive Director, who reports to the Board. This website is maintained by the Agency.

Accepted acronym for the Agency: MSRA

The System

The System is short for 'The Maryland State Retirement and Pension System'. It is the specific initiative the Agency serves to provide retirement and pension benefits to people in Maryland. It is defined by its mission and vision, its funds, and its members. Whereas the Agency is comprised of people, the System is a non-entity. The System is managed by the Board of Trustees.

Accepted acronyms for the System:

  • SRPS (Preferred)