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Benefit Estimators

Which system and plan am I enrolled in?

This depends on your job, employer, and enrollment date. To confirm your system and plan refer to your yearly Personal Statement of Benefits issued in September, check with your employer or contact a retirement benefits specialist.


Worksheets are for normal service retirement only. You can use them to calculate the Basic Allowance. You will need to print them out and complete them by hand.

Employees and Teachers Pension System

Alternate Contributory
Non-Contributory Reformed

Employees and Teachers Retirement System

Plan C (Bifurcated plan) for:


Alternate Contributory

Online Calculator


Online Calculator


Online Calculator

Law Enforcement Officers' Pension System

State Police Retirement System

Correctional Officers' Retirement System

Judges' Retirement System

Legislative Pension Plan

Local Fire and Police Pension System

  • Worksheet for members who do participate in Social Security
  • Worksheet for members who do not participate in Social Security
  • Worksheet for members who transferred from the Employees' Retirement System

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