Domestic Relations Orders


Domestic Relations Orders

The State Retirement Agency has prepared Model Eligible Domestic Relations Orders (“Models”) for attorneys who are involved in the preparation of a Domestic Relations Order (“DRO”) that addresses benefits payable by the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.  The purpose of the Models is to assist parties and their attorneys in a divorce in preparing a DRO that will be eligible for processing by the Agency.  The Model is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice or relied upon for that purpose.

Model Domestic Relations Order for Members/Former Members

We encourage parties to submit a Draft Domestic Relations Order (DRO) for review before submitting the order to the court for signature.  Draft DROs should be sent in a PDF format via email to You must include the full name and address of the member, former member or retiree in the email transmitting the draft.  To allow for processing, do not send password-protected files and do not send via secure email.

The Agency reviews Draft DROs as a service to the parties but does not grant “pre-approvals.”  All Final Orders will be reviewed again for compliance with the law and regulations upon submission.  A certified or true-test copy of the Final Order must be submitted to the Agency for processing. A certified or true-test copy must be obtained directly from the court that issued the order and issued by a person who is authorized to provide certified or true-test copies.  Please note that the Agency may not accept a photocopy of a true-test copy. The regulations require the former spouse (known as the “alternate payee”) to promptly submit a certified or true-test copy of a DRO and any modifications or amendments to the DRO to the Agency.