Adjustment Reporting


New Adjustment Process

Update 6/3/2022

We have started our development work on the adjustment process. We are targeting December 2022 as our launch date. In order to prepare for that launch, we are providing the final version of adjustment manual. 

SRA Employer Adjustment Reporting Manual

Q & A Meeting

We held a meeting on 6/23/2022 to provide an overview of the new process and allow employers to ask questions. Below is the PowerPoint slides and the video record of that session

Employer Adjustments Q&A PowerPoint

New Adjustment Process


FAQs about Payroll Data Changes

What is a Form 714: Current and Prior Period Hours Adjustment?

This form allows you to make changes to pay records you’ve already reported.

You can change contributions, actual hours worked, standard hours, actual salary, and the annualized salary.

When do I use it?

Any time you need to change a pay record. Error corrections, check cancellations, and retroactive salary adjustments all require a Form 714.