What is mySRPS?

It’s a secure website that lets eligible SRA pension plan participants get information and make transactions related to their retirement account. Click this link to reach mySRPS.

Am I eligible to use mySRPS?

You are eligible if you belong to one of these groups:

  • Active members: currently working and in the plan
  • Retired members: already receiving a benefit from the plan
  • Beneficiaries: inherited a benefit from a member
  • Alternate payees: receiving part of a member’s benefit
  • Inactive members: no longer in the plan, but eligible for a benefit

Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll let you know.

What can I do on mySRPS?

Here’s what’s available in 2020: (We’ll have more features in the future.)

Active Members: Retired Members:
View your account and docs View your account and docs
View your personal statement of benefits View your payment history
Update your contact info Update your contact info
Get an asset verification letter Update your direct Deposit
Get retirement benefit estimates whenever
you want, with no waiting
Update your tax withholding
View and update beneficiaries Get an income verification letter
  View beneficiaries
  Get a copy of your 1099R

Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll let you know.

Is it secure?

Yes. Nothing is 100% secure. But we have designed the system itself and the processes for registration and use to meet the current best practices in cybersecurity. When you register, you’ll see evidence of this. We are committed to keeping your information safe.

Do I have to use mySRPS?

No. Using mySRPS is optional. You may still contact us.

You may also elect to put a security freeze on your account. This will prevent anyone (including you) from accessing your information on line. Click here for more details. 

I want to use mySRPS. What should I do?

I didn’t receive my account activation email.  What should I do?

Your email provider or software might have put the activation email into a junk, spam, or “Other” folder. Check those folders first.

Still can’t find the email?  Contact Us.

I tried to view a letter, but nothing happened. What should I do?

Make sure your browser allows popups (check your browser settings).

Are you using the Google Chrome browser? Look at the bottom of your screen to see if it created and downloaded a PDF document.  

If you see it down there, just click to open it.

Still can’t find the letter?  Contact Us.

I have more questions. How can I get answers? 

Contact Us.