Payroll Reporting


Payroll Reporting

Each participating employer is required to certify and submit payroll information electronically at the end of each pay period, in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations, (COMAR)

Payroll is easily reported online. The agency is transitioning from our secure Employer Payroll Data Reporting (EPDR) application to our new Employer Portal. This transition will occur in waves between January 1, 2022 and April 30, 2022.


Employer Payroll Data Reporting (EPDR) Application

In order to use the “EPDR” application, SRA must establish the employer’s personnel as authorized users. Prior to the start of each fiscal year, the contact information (contact person name, email, and phone #) of all the personnel who are authorized to perform the payroll reporting activities must be communicated to SRA. To prevent unauthorized access, prior fiscal year’s contact information will not be carried forward to the next fiscal year. SRA will update each fiscal year’s information to the “EPDR” database.


Employer Portal

The new Employer Portal is coming soon!

We are working on a new employer portal and are expecting to launch towards the end of 2021.

Currently, we have a small group of beta users and the feedback has been great!

Next we will work on our first wave of employers which we expect by the end of 2021


Payroll Reporting under a Temporary Salary Reduction Plan

The State Retirement Agency understands that at various times in order to deal with budget constraints many of our participating governmental units have instituted furlough or temporary salary reduction plans. How you report your payroll data to the Retirement Agency is critical during the implementation of these plans so as to minimize impact on pension benefits. The information below should be used as a guide for reporting payroll under a furlough or temporary salary reduction plan.