MPAS+ Project


MPAS+ Project

MPAS+ Vision

SRA has an important strategic goal: to modernize how it administers pensions for Maryland State workers. MPAS+ is the project that will help us achieve that goal.

Today, SRA uses a system called MPAS, which stands for the Maryland Pension Administration System. As part of the MPAS+ project, we’ll get an improved version of MPAS. We’ll also redesign and streamline our business processes. 

The improved version of MPAS will include these major new features:

  • New Self-Service Website for Participants. 
  • Improved Self-Service Website for Employers
  • Customer Relationship Management system
  • Member Document Storage

MPAS+ Project Goals

SRA also has several business goals. These involve people, technology, and business processes. We want to make improvements in these 4 key areas:

  1. Customer Self-Service
  2. SRA Customer Service
  3. Efficiency
  4. Data Quality

mySRPS Rollout Schedule

We began rolling out mySRPS back in February. We started with Active Members, and got registration packets out to all State employees. Then we had to put everything on hold because of the Coronavirus.

Now we’re restarting the rollout. But we have to do it more slowly, and we changed the order of our rollout “Waves.”

Here’s what’s happening as of June 1st, 2020. Things can change, so please watch this space for updates.

  • Active Members can expect to hear from us later this year. This applies to Active Members who are not State employees, PLUS any State employees who recently became members.
  • Retirees, Beneficiaries, and Alternate Payees will receive a registration packet at home sometime within the next 9 months. We’ll speed this up if we can. But there are about 140,000 people in this category, and we don’t know when our office will be at full capacity. Meanwhile, we’ll be sending packets out in retirement order, starting with our most recent retirees first.

We appreciate your patience as we get back up to speed with this rollout!  If you have any questions right now, please contact us at


Survey Response

As a follow up to our kick-off webinar, we sent a short survey to employers about their current human resources and payroll systems.  Please find a summary of the survey responses.