Payment Dates and Information


Payment Dates
Deposit and check dates

Payment Information

It is mandatory for all payees to receive their monthly allowance through direct deposit to their financial institution. Payments are issued on the last business day of each month. Funds post immediately to the payee’s bank account. For payees with a direct deposit waiver on file, the dates for mailed checks also are listed.

Payees receiving direct deposit will be mailed an advice slip only in January, July and in any month in which there is a change to their net payment amount, financial institution account number or routing number.

2021 Deposit Date Check Date
January Friday 29 Saturday 30
February Friday 26 Saturday 27
March Wednesday 31 Wednesday 31
April Friday 30 Friday 30
May Friday 28 Saturday 29
June Wednesday 30 Wednesday 30
July Friday 30 Saturday 31
August Tuesday 31 Tuesday 31
September Thursday 30 Thursday 30
October Friday 29 Saturday 30
November Tuesday 30 Tuesday 30
December Thursday 30 Thursday 30

Update Direct Deposit

To change the bank or the bank account where your monthly retirement allowance is deposited, you must complete and submit a Form 85: Direct Deposit Electronic - Funds Transfer Sign-Up.

You must complete Section I of the form and a representative of your financial institution must complete Section II.

It takes between 30 – 45 days to update your direct deposit information. Therefore, do not close out the bank account where your monthly retirement allowance was previously deposited until you see that the deposit is now being made to your current account.