Retiree Forms



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We offer some Downloads as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Microsoft Word (doc) files. If you need a PDF reader, you can download Adobe Reader. If you don’t have Word, you can download Microsoft’s Word Viewer.

Forms are not effective until they are received in our administrative offices in Baltimore.

Printable Forms

Form 77: Change of Address Form for Payees (Retirees and Beneficiaries)

Form 85: Direct Deposit — Electronic Funds Transfer Sign-Up Form

Form 766: Federal and Maryland State Tax Withholding Request

Form 931.1: Earnings Limitation Exemption Eligibility Questionnaire

mySRPS Forms

Identification Affidavit for mySRPS

mySRPS Freeze Request


How do I Update my Beneficiary Designation?

The process to change your beneficiary varies depending on the benefit option you chose at retirement. Your option selection is listed on the Notice of Retirement Allowance you received upon retirement. 

Basic Allowance, Option 1 or Option 4

If you selected Basic Allowance, Option 1, or Option 4, simply complete and submit to the Maryland State Retirement Agency the appropriate Designation of Beneficiary form for your plan.