Citizen Participation in the Regulation-Making Process


Maryland citizens and other interested persons may participate in the process by which administrative regulations are adopted, amended, or repealed, and may also initiate the process by which the validity and applicability of regulations is determined. Listed below are some of the ways in which citizens may participate (references are to State Government Article (SG), Annotated Code of Maryland):

  • By submitting data or views on proposed regulations either orally or in writing, to the proposing agency (see ‘‘Opportunity for Public Comment’’ at the beginning of all regulations appearing in the Proposed Action on Regulations section of the Maryland Register). (See SG, §10-112)
  • By petitioning an agency to adopt, amend, or repeal regulations. The agency must respond to the petition. (See SG §10-123)
  • By petitioning an agency to issue a declaratory ruling with respect to how any regulation, order, or statute enforced by the agency applies. (SG, Title 10, Subtitle 3)
  • By petitioning the circuit court for a declaratory judgment on the validity of a regulation when it appears that the regulation interferes with or impairs the legal rights or privileges of the petitioner. (SG, §10-125)
  • By inspecting a certified copy of any document filed with the Division of State Documents for publication in the Maryland Register. (See SG, §7-213)