FAQs about Payroll Data Changes


What is a Form 714: Current and Prior Period Hours Adjustment?

This form allows you to make changes to pay records you’ve already reported.

You can change contributions, actual hours worked, standard hours, actual salary, and the annualized salary.

When do I use it?

Any time you need to change a pay record. Error corrections, check cancellations, and retroactive salary adjustments all require a Form 714.

How do I fill it out?

Form 714 includes instructions for each of its fields. The completed form should show us the correct information for the indicated pay period; if there is more than one pariod, they should be listed separately.

Two additional forms are also required: the Revenue Control Transmittal Form, and the Remittance Reconciliation Form for Payroll Data. You can find these on the Forms page.

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What should I do with this letter requesting missing payroll information?

The letter was sent to you because one or more of the payroll records you sent was either incomplete or applied to more than one pay period. You should send a Form 714 to show the correct information and return the letter to us signed by a person who is authorized to change payroll data.

How do I cancel or refund a contribution that was made in error? Can I submit negative data through normal payroll reports?

To cancel a contribution you must submit a Form 714 showing the contribution as a negative adjustment to your payroll data. Make sure to reconcile the data, plus any adjustments to the remittance reconciliation and any payment of contributions.

In general, report negative values when you’ve cancelled a prior period payroll check, or reported excess payroll information.

Please do not submit negative data through the normal payroll reports — you must use Form 714. Our system does not process negative payroll data, so it drops these amounts from your update. Thus, your validated data totals won’t equal your Remittance Reconciliation Form or payment for Payroll Data.

If you mistakenly deduct a contribution and refund it to an employee, use a Form 714 to adjust the member’s record or reclaim the contribution from us. You are responsible for adjusting any associated tax reporting. If the refund was from a prior calendar year you may need to complete a revised W2 for the employee.

Can I submit other payroll information and forms electronically?

Yes. Note that large adjustments (agency-wide retroactive salary increases) must be handled by an automated process. Contact the Payroll Manager at 410-659-8410 for guidance. More info…

What do I do with this Crossfoot Error Report?

We send the Crossfoot Error Report when the expected contribution for a member did not equal the actual contribution reported. The source of the error could be incorrect data in any of several fields. Expected contributions are based on the actual annual salary, multiplied by the contribution rate on the member’s account, divided by the number of contributory pay periods listed on that account.

It’s important to keep us apprised of any changes in your pay schedule and the employees affected.

You should research and correct the data for each member on the list, then send us the corrected information. You may need to submit a Form 714 to correct the prior pay period. We will update the member’s account with the corrections so that they receive the proper service credit.