Maryland State Retirement Agency Partners With Investing Education Program
Registration Deadline Is September 8


Baltimore, MD (August 31, 2023) — The Maryland State Retirement Agency has partnered with DIME, a program that seeks to build the next generation of young investors, both inside and outside the investment industry.  

DIME, a 501(c)3 foundation established in 2020, manages a two-year investment program that gives diverse and other high school students the opportunity to compete for scholarships while learning about the underpinnings of the U.S. capital market system. The acronym, DIME conveys the program’s values through Diversity Investment Management Engagement.

“DIME is changing the future of investing,” said Dominique Cherry, Senior Governance Manager for the Maryland State Retirement Agency. “The Maryland collaborative project is a more localized version of the program that specifically partners with financial institutions in our region to benefit Maryland students.”

“Over the course of two years, students will learn from industry professionals in areas such as stock/bond investing, asset allocation, digital currencies, real estate, private equity/credit, mutual funds and personal finance,” said DIME Cofounder Dion Woods. “DIME also produces an annual TikTok-style investment competition for high school students called Stock Battles.

“The goal of the collaborative is to harness the collective power of investment industry professionals who share in our commitment to build a new generation of investors in local communities,” Woods said.

Maryland high school junior and seniors who wish to apply for the program should visit to enroll. Registration deadline is September 8.