Retirement Coordinator Responsibilities


Coordinators have responsibilities to their employer, the retirement agency and our members.

Retirement Coordinator Meetings

Coordinators must attend the MSRA annual retirement coordinators’ meeting in June to keep coordinators up-to-date about legislation, retirement forms, policies, procedures and their role as a retirement coordinator. Meetings are held regionally and by webinar.

Retirement Coordinator Certification

The retirement agency requires all new retirement coordinators to become certified within the first three months of being designated by any participating agency; and designated coordinators previously certified to be recertified every three years. The purpose of certification is to ensure all members are receiving the same help and assistance regardless of where they work.


The online certification evaluation is an open-book certification assessment.  Coordinators are registered for the evaluation by the retirement agency. Coordinators may use any MSRA materials including the employer guide for coordinators, our website, forms and system pamphlets.

Retirement Coordinator Workshops and Webinars

The retirement agency hosts retirement coordinator workshops and webinars to provide training about specific retirement coordinator responsibilities. All coordinators are required to attend the Disability workshop before their second year of being designated.

Employer Verification

Designated retirement coordinator’s prime responsibility is to assist members in the completion and submission of retirement forms.Coordinators sign retirement forms verifying member information such as work history, salary and unused sick leave balances submitted to MSRA. Coordinators carefully review all forms and supporting documents before submitting them to MSRA; notarize forms when necessary; include on all documents; and submit forms to MSRA in a timely manner.

Member Support

Retirement coordinators are an important link in the MSRPS communication chain.

Coordinators provide members with MSRPS literature about retirement benefits and the proper retirement forms; and inform members of filing deadlines to enroll, purchase or transfer service credit, retire, or update a member’s retirement account. Coordinators play an important role in disseminating information, such as our quarterly newsletter, to employees.