Seminars and Webinars


Retirement Seminars and Webinars

Pre-Retirement Seminars and Webinar

In consideration of our member’s busy schedules and different planning needs, the Maryland State Retirement Agency offers several ways for our members to prepare for retirement at their convenience.

We offer full day seminars at various locations throughout the State of Maryland, one hour webinars and short pre-retirement videos for those who prefer to plan on their own time and their own schedule no matter what hour of day or night.

All are open to members, spouses of members and former members of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.


These full day retirement planning seminars include presentations by a variety of retirement professionals including a presentation about your State retirement benefits, other retirement savings, estate and financial planning, Social Security benefits and other retirement considerations.

To register for a seminar, please click on the on-line registration links below.

STATE Employees Pre-Retirement Seminars (Off Site)

Boards of Education, County, and Local Governmental Units Pre-Retirement Seminars (Off Site)

Pre-Retirement Webinars

These webinars provide a general overview of MSRPS benefits - including a general description of retirement eligibility and benefits provided by the MSRPS. (Off Site Registration Links)

  • Employees, Teachers and Correctional Officers Retirement Systems Registration
  • Correctional Officers Retirement System CORS (Check back soon!)
  • Law Enforcement Officers Pension System LEOPS Registration
  • Maryland State Police Registration

Retirement Planning Videos (Off Site)

Our Retirement Planning Playlist includes all four parts of the Maryland State Retirement Pre-Retirement Seminar for Employees, Teachers and CORS. Plus, Bonus videos- Choosing an Option and Reemployment